THE DAWN RAZOR – New album “Renaissances”, out on March 9th

After taking out a record and touring in Russia with a previous band he left, Sylvain (guitar / vocals) founded The Dawn Razor 2017. The style called ‘sublime metal’ is a mix of death and black inspirations.
Each piece can be viewed as a painting of a hostile universe depicted by violent riffs, an upright voice and lyrical solos. To simplify, we can describe this music as the meeting between Children of Bodom and Gojira.

The sublime metal band The Dawn Razor gets off the ground with his debut album Renaissances.
Inspired by the sublime movement, this disc is a collection paintings that project us into hostile universes so icy, sometimes very dark even futuristic … Explosive mixture of death and black inspiration, ‘Renaissances’ is an association violence and soli lyrical. To push the immersion even further, a song is in German and another is even in Russian! A trip to the edge of the horizon à do not miss!

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