The Great He-Goat – Kantharos Raised Above Me (Review)

This is The Great He-Goat’s second demo, after their previous ‘Demo 2012’. I guess they decided to give the demo a proper name this time. There are only 2 tracks on this demo, yet it’s still over 15 minutes in length. Let’s see if they manage to impress.

As the title track begins, I start to worry. The intro is fairly quiet and of low quality, but I soon discover this was on purpose and the track itself is of higher quality, though still raw, in a good way. The sound is typical of black metal, fast distorted riffs driven by frequent blastbeats and vile vocals.

Where a lot of black metal (demo’s) can be repetative, The Great He-Goat most definitely is not. This is especially true for the second, almost 10 minutes long, track The Cloak of Sorrows. As with the title track, there is a good amount of variation in the riffs and percussion here, grabbing your attention and not letting go.

One of the tags on their bandcamp page is “depressive”. I can’t really clasify this as such, though I guess there is a small depressive side to The Cloak of Sorrows. However, I’d rather use the term “atmospheric”. Especially the second track is an absolutely beautiful piece of work, taking my mind on a journey through various places far from here.

Though short, this is a very impressive demo. Have a listen below. You could even download it for free, though I suggest sending a few bucks to these guys. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from them.

– D.

Score: 94/100

Noteworthy Tracks: Both of them, listen here;

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