The Mascaron – Beginnings (Review)

The Mascaron – Beginnings

From the get-go, I can tell I’ll like what the somewhat unknown band, The Mascaron, from Latvia and the UK has in store for me. Opening up with smooth synth and dynamic clean vocals, it sets its standard and refuses to budge an inch. At first I thought it was doom metal, til doing a bit ov research on them via their bandcamp. They’re melodic progressive metal, and from my first discernment, their influences are varied and numerous, the most obvious ov which being Dream Theater and Opeth.

Their first track, Out of Time, hits hard and punishing with its technicality in the riffing and percussion, but with the added element ov clean vocals, it keeps it smooth and ambient. I wish these guys had published lyrics, as I found myself increasingly curious as to what they were screaming and singing. Inside the Sun adds further depth and pushes the technicality up a notch with how precise and flowing the guitar riffing was. One thing is clear; this band has high aspirations for where they want their craftsmanship to take them.

Out ov all the tracks in this short 20-minute release, I’ve gotta say my favorite one has gotta be either “Serpents” or “A Future Era.” Both have such a vivid and crisp grasp ov mixing technicality with ambient immersion that all the others are dwarfed by the grandeur ov these two songs. Perfectly sculpting brutality with a chisel ov precision and grace, it’s truly hard for me to decide which one is greater out ov the two, both on equal ground in each song’s own right.

From what I can tell, this band will surely take the progressive scene by storm once their sound possesses enough listeners. And though this is potentially just their debut EP, I can’t wait for further news about their works!

– S.

Noteworthy tracks: Serpents, A Future Era

Score: 85%

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