Turin Turambar: Rzeczpospolita Czartowska (Review)

Túrin Turambar – Rzeczpospolita Czartowska

Túrin Turambar‘s  Rzeczpospolita Czartowska is an “experimental” Black Metal band from Poland. I really fail to see what is so experimental about them though. To me Túrin Turambar just sounds like Black Metal with maybe some Doom influence thrown in. They do have some change ups where they might go from fast to slow, but I don’t really think that qualifies as “experimental.” When I think of a raw, grungy, unpolished Black Metal sound, I think of bands like Túrin Turambar. Does that that make Túrin Turambar good or bad? Well, they aren’t what I would call good, but I wouldn’t call them bad either.

Their sound is very heavy which is nice, but heaviness isn’t everything. The guitar work is ok. The notes are clear and don’t go all over the place, but throughout the album there were very few riffs that grabbed me. The riffs range from fast to slow and are not horrible, but not spectacular. For a band that is this “heavy” in quite a few tracks I find the low end to be a bit lacking. This makes their sound seem more hollow and less full. This isn’t as bad as it could be, but it would be improved were the lows a bit more pronounced. The drums are usually on time and they don’t sound very tinny either, which is nice. They don’t overly rely on blasts or double bass and that is a very good thing (I will always praise a band for that). The drummer really seems love rolling his toms. The vocals a very raw and sometimes slip into a more Thrash Metal type sound, which some people might like. This band sounds very old, if that makes any sense. It does not sound like “modern” Black Metal and reminds me a bit of first wave. The bass is in the mix as well, and is decent, but not very low. At least it is there (another thing that should always be praised in extreme metal). The mixing is mediocre at best and could have, like I said, been brought out in the low end more.

The best track is probably Zima Skuje Nam Mordy which has some pretty decent riffage and a very impactful sound. The rhythm guitar is fairly enjoyable. It is a shame the rest of the tracks don’t really match up. There is nothing that will really get you pumped or your head banging for the majority of this album. It is just middle of the road. Grey. Nothing great, nothing atrocious. Just merely ok. Which might be enough for some, but if you want a band that is an entertaining listen you might look elsewhere. It just doesn’t really stand out at all. Here I am, trying to figure out more to say, but that, in itself, is a problem. This band left so little impact on me I really don’t have much to say about it.

Frankly, Túrin Turambar‘s  Rzeczpospolita Czartowska is the definition of average. Your ears won’t be bleeding from listening to it, but you will forget it as soon as you are done. There is nothing here that is original or innovative and what is there is just generic. If you like really raw sounding Black Metal with hints of Doom and first wave, you might like Túrin Turambar, but don’t count on it. Middle of the road sound, middle of the road band, middle of the road album. Lets just hope being in the middle of the road so much they won’t get run over. If they evolved their sound a bit more, as well as their mixing, they might be on their way to decent, but as it is, it seems a bit like roadkill.


– KaosChrist


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