Turmoil (Review)

Turmoil is an indie game developed by Gamious studios. Turmoil has simplistic graphics which easily manage to be delightful to watch and a challenging gameplay while simultaneously managing to keep the game fairly easy to learn.

The game’s idea is pretty simple. First you dig up the oil then hire caravans to sell it to the left or right, usually depending on the prices which fluctuate a lot. In the campaign you also need to focus on buying stocks from the mayor and buying a land with a lot of oil since more oil equals more money. There’s also an option to just play one quick game which is nice if you’ve completed the story and just want to play one game instead of starting over.

I personally enjoyed Turmoil a lot even though the game doesn’t last for that long. Campaign is probably around 4h-6h and once completed you can either go play the expert mode or go for a few ‘single play’ games. But if you’re looking for a tad shorter game this one might the the one for you.

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