Variables – VIII (Review)

Variables is a fairly new Metalcore band from the USA. A lot of our readers probably dislike Metalcore, but if you’re into Deathcore and/or Death Metal and don’t mind occasional clean vocals, you may well still appreciate this band.

There’s no real need to explain the general Metalcore sound, I think it’s well-known. Variables partially fits into the crowd, but they manage to stand out with slightly more technical and more interesting riffs and excellent varied vocals. They range from clean vocals (not much) to screams and (heavy) grunts. It keeps the listener interested, where with other Metalcore bands I often get annoyed or bored.

Being an EP, this release is fairly short. The four tracks are aggressive, well produced and do not get boring, even after a few listening sessions.

Then there’s that fifth track, which makes me wonder if I should laugh or cringe. Laugh because it’s just a ridiculous move by a metal band, cringe because, well…it’s Miley fucking Cyrus. You know, the Wrecking Cunt…I mean Ball. Form your own opinion on that track. This is one of those covers where opinions will certainly differ.

To conclude, this is a good EP by an actually interesting Metalcore band. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

– D.

[ 81 / 100 ]

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