VERA – Furtherance (Review)

VERA is a brand new deathcore/metalcore band. Furtherance is their debut EP. The artwork looks impressive, will the music be as well?

Hitting play, the EP exploded into sound. There’s no build up, no intro. I guess VERA went for ‘the element of surprise’. Considering other deathcore bands in the scene, this EP holds no surprises though. It’s all pretty straight forward deathcore, including -hate it or love it- breakdowns. There are some interesting riffs here and there, but if you’re a deathcore fan, the tracks are fairly predictable.

So is it all mediocre? No, thankfully it’s not. The production is excellent and the tracks contain enough variation to keep your interest. The vocals are alright, ranging from screams to ‘deathcore vocals’ -as a lot of people call them- though they sound a little fragile occasionally. But that’s acceptable for a debut EP. The real downside is that there is nothing here that makes the band really stand out. Though well performed, it’s pretty much all been heard before.

However, I still look forward to hearing this band develop. The potential is there, they just need to fully tap into it.

– D.

Score: 76/100

Noteworthy Tracks: …And the Abandoned

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