Warframe Build: “Genocide” Equinox

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The ultimate build for farming Lith (Tessera, Venus) & Meso (Io, Jupiter) relics. But bring large energy pads or a Trinity for convenience. Use Day form’s Maim.

Orokin Reactor
Exilus Adapter
4 Forma’s:

05/05: Shield Disruption

Exilus slot:
05/05: Power Drift

05/05: Overextended
05/05: Fleeting Expertise
10/10: Primed Flow
05/05: Streamline
09/10: Blind Rage
10/10: Primed Continuity
09/10: Transient Fortitude
05/05: Intensify

Armor 100
Health 300
Power 637
Shield 300
Sprint speed 1.15

Power duration 70%
Power efficiency 140%
Power range 190%
Power strength 225%

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