Warframe Build: “Godmode” Inaros

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An amazing build with which you can, for example, run survival fissures for well over an hour – easily. Works great with Hirudo.

Orokin Reactor
Exilus Adapter
4 Forma’s:

05/05: Steel Charge

Exilus slot:
05/05: Rush

10/10: Primed Continuity
03/03: Handspring
05/05: Armored Agility
10/10: Primed Vigor
05/05: Coaction Drift
03/03: Rage
10/10: Steel Fiber
10/10: Vitality

Armor 510
Health 5830
Power 150
Shield 0
Sprint speed 1.45

Power duration 155%
Power efficiency 100%
Power range 100%
Power strength 100%

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