Warframe Headshot Challenge – Win a Mara Detron

Yes, you read that correctly! We are giving away a brand new Mara Detron. So what do you need to do? Read on!


The challenge we’ve come up with for it is simply called the Headshot Challenge. It will take place in 15 wave runs in T1 Defense. The challenge is to get the most headshots of the squad. You get 1 chance, so – literally – give it your best shot! User AbsoluteHell.net will host the games but will not join in the killing. He will revive someone if needed though.

The Mara Detron will be given away Sunday evening 8 Pm GMT. To see what time it is in the GMT timezone, please visit this website.

UPDATE: Due to a lack of interest, or perhaps an amount of disbelief that we were actually giving this rare weapon away, we decided to not continue with the challenge on Sunday. So the winner is Cryon22. We just gave him his Mara Detron through Warfame and got a very thankful reaction!

Results of the matches will be posted here. The one person with the most headshots compared to everyone else wins a Mara Detron!

Ranking (Username [Headshots] – this will be updated as frequently as possible):

  1. Cryon22 [157]
  2. SteelSoldier [154]
  3. The_Mentalist [153]
  4. 3LanderBK [137]
  5. Avekon [133]
  6. D0G3_Loki [105]
  7. r3dstar [98]
  8. MDeero [95]
  9. CyrusVirus [72] / roykel1998 [72]
  10. Reapdarkness [66]
  11. frozentkiller [65]
  12. Kmfran [51]
  13. Ultramain [48]
  14. Ralorn [35]
  15. Fuzzbox [28]
  16. MisterioIK [17]
  17. Shamrock2 [15]
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