Warframe Melee Build: “Bloodflow” Destreza

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Hit enemies once and watch them bleed to death, even at level 145+.

Orokin Catalyst
4 Forma’s:

03/03: Vulpine Mask

10/10: Primed Pressure Point
05/05: Condition Overload
10/10: Lasting Sting
05/05: Organ Shatter
03/03: Spoiled Strike
05/05: Body Count
10/10: Blood Rush
03/03: Relentless Combination

Attack speed: 0.800
Channeling costs 5
Channeling dmg 1.5x
Critical chance 20.0%
Critical multiplier 3.8x
Leap attack 547.0
Spin attack 587.0
Status chance 5.0%
Wall attack 1095.0

Slash 34.1
Impact 6.8
Puncture 232.1

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