Warframe Prime Parts Giveaway #2

We’re giving away Prime Parts in Warframe again this weekend! Keep an eye on the Trading channel for a chance of free Prime Parts! And yes, the giveaway includes Loki Prime parts!

Want to know exactly when? Add username AbsoluteHell.net to friends. When our location says “Dojo”, we are very likely to be active in Trading!

Don’t know what Warframe is? It’s a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Download & Play for free!


…and so ends another successful giveaway. Sunday was definitely more busy than Saturday, thank you all for participating!

Full list of everything that was given away this weekend:

Akbronco Prime BP
Ankyros Prime BP
Bo Prime Ornament x4
Dakra Prime Blade x2
Dakra Prime BP
Ember Prime BP x2
Ember Prime Chassis BP
Ember Prime Helmet BP
Fang Prime Blade x2
Fang Prime Handle
Latron Prime Barrel
Latron Prime Receiver
Latron Prime Stock
Loki Prime BP
Loki Prime Chassis BP
Loki Prime Helmet BP
Mag Prime BP
Mag Prime Chassis BP
Mag Prime Helmet BP
Orthos Prime Blade
Orthos Prime Handle
Paris Prime BP
Paris Prime String
Reaper Prime FULL SET
Sicarus Prime Barrel
Sicarus Prime BP

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