Warframe Rare Mods And Prime Parts Giveaway

We’re giving away Rare Mods AND Prime Parts in Warframe again this weekend! This weekend is “Mod Saturday” and “Prime Sunday”. So keep an eye on the Trading channel for a chance of free stuff! And yes, the giveaway includes Loki Prime parts again!

Want to know exactly when? Add username AbsoluteHell.net to friends. When our location says “Dojo”, we are very likely to be active in Trading!

Don’t know what Warframe is? It’s a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Download & Play for free!


The giveaways are getting busier! Thank you all for participating and thank you for your positive replies, even if you weren’t the one to get the item given away. We receive a lot of respect and thanks from most of you and we really appreciate it.

To the one guy that raged at us, called us fake and was going to “contact his friend the developer”; We were nothing but polite to you, yet you kept raging at us. So you have been added to the ignore list and can no longer participate in any giveaways.

Given away on “Mod Saturday”;

Blind Rage x2
Coolent Leak
Crossing Snakes MAXED
Focus Energy
Ice Storm MAXED
Lethal Torrent MAXED
Life Strike MAXED
Natural Talent MAXED
Seeker MAXED

Given away on “Prime Sunday”;

Ankyros Prime BP
Bo Prime BP
Bo Prime Ornament x3
Loki Prime BP
Loki Prime Chassis BP
Paris Prime BP
Reaper Prime BP
Rhino Prime Chassis BP
Rhino Prime Systems BP
Sicarus Prime BP
Wyrm Prime Carapace

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