Western Press (Review)

A small indie game developed by Bandit-1 studios, Western Press delivers an interesting and challenging experience where you duel various different people in the Wild West, from Native American Indians to cowboys and even priests with shotguns. It’s a very simple game with pixelated graphics and only one gameplay style: duel enemies in a difficulty curve that resembles a shuttle flight pattern because this game is only big enough for one of you.

Western Press

The duels themselves are very simple, the game presents a random string of 10 buttons chosen from the WASD and Arrow keys that the player needs to press in as little time as possible without making mistakes. Each mistake the player makes enforces a time penalty that increases in length as the difficulty goes up, so the player can even finish before the opponent but if they make too many mistakes, they could still lose.

There isn’t much else to say about Western Press other than it includes Cross-Platform Multiplayer, which allows you to duel people on other consoles in the game. Overall, Western Press is a good game if a little lacking. It presents a strong challenge to the player and you can have a lot of fun with this game for a couple of hours but once you’ve beaten all 10 enemies and done some online duels, you’ve done everything this game has to offer.

[ 65/100 ]

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