Zombie Trailer Park (Review)

Zombie Trailer Park

Zombie Trailer Park is an amusing flash game developed by Ninja Kiwi that pits the player-controlled hillbilly’s against the ever-growing horde of zombies.

The objective for the player is to defend their base and destroy the zombies base. To do that, the player must build up their base with the money-making salvage yards, trailers for extra people and other things and then use these things to create shovelmen, angry farmers, drunkards and pickup trucks with a mounted machine gun.

As the player kills more and more zombies, they earn Yee-Haw points that they can use to keep themselves going, like summoning a large force of shovelmen and angry farmers, a tractor with large chainsaws on the front or even deploying a bombing run.

The humans aren’t the only ones with a range of units that they can use to defeat the enemy. The zombie army is made up of all kinds of zombies from the normal brainmunchers to the deadly hooker zombies and even a giant zombie catapault that flings zombies into battle from a distance.

You can keep playing this game over and over without getting bored as there are always new strategies to try and new ways of beating the zombies down. The artwork itself is quite well done and provides enough detail for the game to be pleasing to the eyes.

Zombie Trailer Park is a really fun game with lots of humor in its presentation and even in the game itself. This is a flash game that is definitely worth your time. You can play the game here.

Rating: 85/100

– GamingGollum

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